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Breast Augmentation: State of the Art in Canada

Breast Augmentation: State of the Art in Canada

October 6, 2008

I’m at the Brisbane airport on my way home from Australia. I was an invited guest speaker to the scientific congress of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons. They asked me to give several presentations on various plastic surgery topics including breast augmentation, breast lifting, operating room efficiency and treatment of gynecomastia. It was certainly a great honour to address my Australian plastic surgery colleagues.

Australia is a fabulous country; incredibly beautiful with a people who are friendly and charming. The Australian plastic surgeons, who were my kind hosts, were interested and engaging when it came to discussing the presentations that I gave them concerning breast surgery. One of the most interesting topics of discussion revolved around the understanding of what factors make for an attractive breast. The point that I was making (and that they readily agreed with) is that breast augmentation is more than just putting an implant in the breast. Size is important but it’s not the most important factor in breast augmentation in Toronto. Breast augmentation should be about improving the shape of the breast. Giving the patient upper breast fullness, improving the cleavage area and increasing lateral breast show which gives the woman’s body more of an hour glass shape.

An attractive breast has a specific proportion between upper and lower breast pole fullness. The breast is asymmetric so that this discrepancy between fullness of the upper and lower breast gives a pleasant appearing breast. Also the position of the nipple and areola on the breast are important in achieving a natural looking result. This means that the type of implant used must take into account all of these variables and be able to deliver a pleasing and natural result. Not all women start out looking the same and they all have different desired goals in mind. This means that a good plastic surgeon needs to have a great deal of skill with all different styles of implants; whether they be cohesive or saline, smooth or textured, round or tear drop shaped. All these implants have their own role to play in different patients and all can give excellent results if they are chosen and used wisely. Combined with all of that is the skill in choosing the position of the implant, above or below the muscle, based on the patient's needs. Of course the most important consideration in breast augmentation is giving a patient a natural and pleasing result.

That’s what I presented in Australia and that’s what we spent a long time discussing. It was all about giving our patients the best and most natural result possible from their Toronto breast implants surgery.

Frank Lista MD