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Modern Advances in Breast Reduction Surgery

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Modern Advances in Breast Reduction Surgery

November 3, 2008

I just came back from giving a teaching course at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons in Chicago last weekend. They invited me to discuss Vertical Breast Reduction in a course that was designed to overview advances and techniques in breast reduction surgery. There were three plastic surgeons presenting, two from the US and me from Mississauga, Ontario. One surgeon showed good results with the regular anchor type scar which is very useful for patients with very large breasts. The problem with that technique is that it leaves a very extensive scar on the breast.

The other surgeon showed a technique using only liposuction to reduce the breast. The advantage of the liposuction technique of breast reduction is that it leaves no scar on the breast. The problem however is that it only works on breasts which are mostly fatty. Liposuction breast reduction is not a technique which works in young women with dense glandular breasts. The other problem is that liposuction of the breast makes the breast smaller but it is not very effective in raising the droopy breast so it doesn’t give much a breast lift to patients who need a breast lift or breast mastopexy. I have performed quite a few liposuction breast reductions and in the right patient it is an excellent operation.

I presented a review of my experience performing vertical scar breast reduction. Here at the Plastic Surgery Clinic we have one of the world’s largest series of breast reduction surgeries. I gave the attendees a summary of our experience with the vertical scar breast reduction and a review of the technique to perform the operation successfully. The advantage of the vertical breast reduction is that it has much less scarring than the regular anchor type breast reduction and actually gives a better breast shape. The vertical reduction gives a narrower and more projecting breast than the regular reduction and also has a much lower complication rate. The vertical scar technique not only makes the breast smaller but it also lifts the breasts so that they are not as droopy at they used to be. For this reason vertical breast surgery techniques are excellent for patients who have droopy or saggy breasts. Vertical scar mastopexy or breast lift and breast lifting procedures are excellent techniques for rejuvenation of a droopy saggy breast. These breast lifting procedures are excellent for patients who need a lift even if they don’t require a reduction in breast size.

There are not very many Toronto plastic surgeons performing the vertical breast reduction or breast lift. Most surgeons still use the anchor scar, which is a shame. The vertical breast reduction gives a better looking breast with two thirds less scarring. Now we have patients coming from nearby cities such as Oakville, Brampton and even Toronto to have the operation here in Mississauga. In fact we have patients from other parts of Ontario and even all over Canada. Hopefully as I continue to present this technique to my plastic surgery colleagues across Canada and the United States, more and more surgeons will start performing this operation for the benefit of their patients.

Frank Lista MD