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1421 Hurontario Street
Mississauga, Ontario
L5G 3H5
Phone: (905) 278 7077

Plastic Surgery is an exciting field. The surgery we perform is challenging and rewarding not only because of the wonderful results we achieve but also because we get excited to see how happy our patients are about how great they look afterwards. A day doesn't go by when a patient doesn't tell me that they're amazed at how easy the operation was or how fast the recovery. They're usually surprised that the procedure was easier than they thought or more affordable than they expected.

Easier than you thought
Modern advances in plastic surgery have improved our techniques and this makes for smaller incisions and faster healing. At our clinic we utilize the latest advances in plastic surgery which gives excellent results through mini-incisions. This results in faster healing, less bruising and a look that is soft and natural. Most patients have scars that are barely visible and are able to get back to normal activities in one or two weeks. More than 95% of plastic surgery patients are so pleased that they say that they would do it again. Most of our new patients are referred from other patients who have been treated by us in the past and are happy to refer their friends or relatives.

Caring and Kindness
I know that choosing to have plastic surgery is one of the biggest decisions someone can make. My staff and I are dedicated to making our patients happy about how they look. We're only satisfied if we make our patients happy. That means we care about you as a person and not just a patient. We care about your appearance and your health. That means we treat everyone with caring and kindness. Our plastic surgery is performed as gently as we can because we know that our patients have trusted us to treat them as we would a member of our own family.

The Consultation
I see all of my patients before surgery. If the patient lives within the Toronto or Mississauga area I'll want to see you twice before surgery, if possible. If you live farther away we can perform the second consultation over the phone. Many people wonder why they need to see me so often before surgery. Not all plastic surgeons do this. The reason is because I know that patients have a lot of questions about their surgery. I want them to have every opportunity to discuss all the benefits that will come from their operation and all the risks and complications. I encourage patients to write their questions down and come back and see me or speak to me over the phone so we can talk about their procedure again. A well-informed patient has a faster recovery and achieves a better result after surgery. My staff and I will spend as much time with you as you need so you can make an informed decision about your plastic surgery in Toronto area.