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It never fails! You've made that big decision to seriously consider improving your look with plastic surgery and the big question arises.... "How will I look?" It's hard to imagine how you will look after plastic surgery. Will the change in the way I look be too obvious? Will it be obvious enough? Will it be worth doing? What will the scars look like?
These are important questions and it's hard to imagine the answers without being able to see the possible result. At the Plastic Surgery Clinic we are pleased to offer our patients

'Computerized Digital Video Imaging'. This is a tool to help you see the possible outcomes of plastic surgery before undergoing the procedure. Dr Lista was one of the first Plastic Surgeons to introduce this technology to Canada.

Using Uniplast software designed especially for plastic surgery patients, Dr Lista is able to show patients before and after photographs of themselves. This can give you an idea of how you will look after your operation. The way it works is that we take a digital photograph of the patient and then use the software to show you a side by side before and after picture. Dr Lista himself performs this process. He believes that since he is the surgeon who will be performing your procedure, then he should be the one who will show you the expected result on the computer. The system can also be used to show real pictures of other patients who have actually undergone similar procedures by Dr Lista.

Patients love this technology. It helps answer those questions about how they will look after surgery. It's important to understand that video imaging is a discussion tool only and not a guarantee of results. Most patients are delighted at the potential result and become excited about what plastic surgery can do for them. Others, just as importantly, discover that the improvement wasn't what they had been hoping for. Digital video imaging can help take some of the guesswork out of plastic surgery. Video imaging can help put your mind a little more at ease before making that big decision about having cosmetic plastic surgery.