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Vaginal Labial Lip Reduction

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Excess or Uneven Vaginal Lips - A Common Problem

Excessive or uneven development of a woman's vaginal lips can be a great source of embarrassment and even discomfort in some women. Many women complain that excessive development of the labia minora not only looks unnatural but is also  uncomfortable. A woman with overly large development of her labia may experience pain on intercourse, pain when sitting or riding, difficulty using tampons, and even discomfort when walking or running. Many women live unnecessarily with this problem for years…unhappy with the way they look and feel. They are often surprised to learn that this problem is easily corrected with a relatively minor procedure performed in the clinic.

Correction of Over Developed Labia.

Surgical correction of excessive vaginal lips is performed by Dr. Frank Lista at the Plastic Surgery Clinic.  Dr Lista performs between 150-200 labia minora vaginal lip reductions per year. This makes Dr. Lista one of the most experienced plastic surgeons in this field of surgery.

The procedure is performed at the Plastic Surgery Clinic. The dlinic is located in the City of Mississauga, Ontario Canada. We are just a few minutes from downtown.

Normal Anatomy of Female Genitalia

The normal female external genitalia has two sets of lips, the labia majora and labia minora.

The labia majora are the larger outer lips. Normally the labia majora is formed by hair bearing skin. The labia minora are the smaller inner lips. They are more delicate and are hairless. Normally the labia minora protrude slightly beyond the level of the labia majora.

Some women however have labia minora which protrude far beyond the level of the labia majora. Some women find this appearance unattractive or unsightly. Other women find that they have one side larger than the other. In some women, the labia minora protrudes so far that they experience discomfort and even pain. This pain can occur when sitting on bikes or stools. Some women experience pain with intercourse. In severe cases some women may experience pain when running or even walking.

The Office Visit

Many women find that labial hypertrophy is awkward or difficult problem to discuss. Many women tell us that they have tried to bring up this problem with other health care professionals but with disappointing results.

At the Plastic Surgery Clinic  we are aware of the sensitive nature of your concerns. The patient is treated with kindness, consideration and dignity. Dr. Lista will carefully discuss your concerns with you. A nurse can be present during your consultation if you like.

The Procedure

The procedure to correct vaginal hypertrophy or asymmetry is called a labioplasy or labialplasy. This is a relatively minor operation which is performed in the clinic. Minor cases can be performed under local anesthetic or freezing, just like going to the dentist. Some patients prefer to have the operation under general anesthesia where they are put completely asleep. When patients choose to asleep, or if there condition requires general anesthesia, the anesthetic is given by a medical doctor who is a specialist in anesthesia. This doctor stays with the patient during the entire operation and remains with them while they wake up.

The entire procedure is performed by Dr. Lista personally. Dr. Lista does not use students, residents, interns or assistants in his surgery. During the operation, a small amount of labia tissue is carefully removed in order to correct the patient’s problem. Plastic surgery techniques are then used to complete the procedure including the use of small dissolving stitches.

Following your surgery, we will keep you in our recovery room until you are wide awake and then send you home. If your operation was performed under local freezing only, then you can drive yourself home. However if you've had a general anesthetic, then someone needs to drive you home and stay with you for 24 hours.


 Before  After Labia Reduction Surgery


After Care

Following your surgery we will ask you to wash the area with soap and water regularly and to wear a light pad or sanitary napkin for a week. Although we give all patients a prescription for pain relief medications, there is very little pain with this operation. There will be slight swelling and bruising for a few days but this subsides quickly. You should not have sex or use a tampon for 3-4 weeks following surgery. The sutures are dissolving and will come out on their own. Most paitents tell us that the operation hurt less and was much easier than they thought it would be.


Every operation has risks and potential complications. Fortunately the vast majority of patients who undergo labia reduction have no problems with their surgery and are extremely happy with their results. Risks are rare but when they do occur additional medications or even surgery may be required. Such risks include infection, bleeding, scarring, pain with intercourse, uneveness and deformity. Most patients however never experience these risks as they are quite rare. 

 Before  After Labia Reduction Surgery

Your New Look

Labial reduction surgery can enhance your appearance, make you feel more comfortable and improve your self-confidence. Before you decied to have surgery, think carefully about your expectations and discuss them with your plastic surgeon.

The results of the procedure are significant and permanent. If your expectations are realistic, chances are good that you'll be very satisfied with your new look.