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Inverted Nipple Correction

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Inverted Nipples

Inverted nipples are a very common medical problem. Normally the nipple should project beyond the level of the surrounding pigmented skin called the areola. The appearance of a nipple which projects beyond the areola is considered normal and attractive.

In some situations, the ducts leading to the nipple are overly tight. When this occurs the nipple is pulled by the ducts into the surrounding areola. This results in a nipple which fails to project properly. These nipples will appear flat. In even more severe cases these nipples will even project inwards rather than outwards leaving these patients with inwards pointing or inverted nipples. Patients with inverted nipples have a depression in the center of their areola rather than a normally projecting nipple. Often there is a "hole" or pit where there should normally be a nicely projecting nipple.

Inverted nipples may make it difficult or even impossible to breast feed. This is because the nipple fails to project sufficiently to allow the nursing baby to latch onto the nipple. For some women it is the appearance of the inverted nipple that bothers them the most. These women often feel that the appearance of the breast without a normally projecting nipple is unnatural or unnattractive. Patients may suffer from this condition in one breast or both. In rare cases this condition may also occur in men.

Correction of Inverted Nipples

Inverted nipples can be corrected with a minor surgical procedure performed at the Plastic Surgery Clinic. This minor procedure may be performed under local anesthetic or with the patient totally asleep under a general anesthetic. In this operation a tiny 2mm incision is placed along the edge of the nipple. The overly tight ducts, which are the cause of the inversion, are then gently released. This then allows the nipple to immediately project normally. Patients can see the improvement right away. A single small absorbable stitch is then place along the edge of the incision. The suture dissolves in about a week. The scar is usually invisible.

The Office Visit

Your consultation with Dr Lista will occur in our modern surgical clinic in Mississauga Ontario. Our clinic is located just a short drive from Toronto, Brampton or Oakville. We are a 5 minute walk from the local GO station. Dr Lista will discuss the procedure with the patient. You can choose to have Dr Lista examine you in privacy, or with a nurse present. You can also choose to bring a friend or family member with you if this makes you feel more comfortable. We encourage patients to bring a list of questions. A well informed patient is one of our primary goals.

Dr. Lista performs approximately 100-200 of these procedures per year. This makes Dr. Lista one of the most experienced plastic surgeons in performing correction of nipple inversion in Canada. Our goal is to make patients feel better about themselves by providing them with a simple and safe operation to correct this embarassing problem. Our clinic is a new state of art facility where major and minor surgery is performed under the strictest of medical facility standards. Patients are ususally delighted with the quality of their care and thrilled with the improvement of their appearance.

The Procedure

If you choose to proceed with surgery, your operation will be booked for another day. The entire procedure takes about 30 minutes. For most patients the operation is performed under local anesthetic. This means that you can drive yourself home. If you choose to have your operation under general anesthetic, so that you are completely asleep during the procedure, then someone will need to drive you home. There is no pain during the procedure.

Before and After Correction of Inverted Nipple

Recovering Following Inverted Nipple Correction

Recovery following correction of inverted nipple is very simple. Patients can start showering the next day following surgery. We ask that patients gently wash the area with soap and water regualry and then apply and antibiotic ointment. There may be minor oozing for a few days following surgery. Ususally patients require just a light pad inside the bra for a few days. Patients may return to work the following day but should take about 2 weeks any vigorous excercise.


Every operation has risks and complications but these are all very rare with nipple correction surgery. Such risks include infection, bleeding, loss of sensation and inability to breast feed. Dr. Lista will discuss these risks with you.

Your New Look

You will see the improvement in your nipple appearance right away. There will be slight swelling and bruising for about a week. Patients are usually deligthed in the improved appearance of their nipples following their surgery. Most people feel that this operation improves the appearance of  their breast both when dressed and undressed. Patients who have this operation are happier about how they look and more confident in their appearance.