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Non-Surgical Skin Rejuvenation

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The Miracle Ten

Non-Surgical Skin Rejuvenation
More and more people are looking for a non-surgical way of making their skin look fresher and younger. Some patients are just not yet ready for surgery. Others have not yet reached a point where they need surgery but they're still looking for a way to reverse some of the signs of aging. Dr Lista has introduced to the patients of The Plastic Surgery Clinic a new, proven technique of making skin look younger and tighter without surgery and without downtime. We call this revolutionary program The Miracle Ten.

The Miracle Ten
The Miracle Ten is a remarkable program to make skin look younger. It's a miracle because there's no other word to describe the results that it achieves. We call it the Miracle Ten because in ten weeks we can make the average patient's skin look ten years younger. Simply one visit per week for ten weeks will result in visibly younger skin. There is no down time, no time off.

Signs of Aging Corrected
The Miracle Ten makes the skin look younger by correcting the 5 major signs of skin aging:

-Improves fine lines and wrinkle
-Lightens blotchy dark spots
-Eliminates broken blood vessels, veins and red marks
-Reduces pore size
-Tightens loose skin

The skin looks younger and fresher. The pigmentation is made to look more even and homogenous. Discolorations are reduced including the improvement of red and brown spots and blotches. Fine lines are reduced and pore size is made smaller. The skin looks smoother and clearer. Breakouts and pimples are reduced. In the average patient the result is skin the way it used to look 10 years ago.

How The Miracle Ten Works
The Miracle Ten is simple but the process used to achieve these remarkable results involves the scientific application of known proven medical techniques. There is not one single factor which causes aging of the skin, there are many: sun, dryness, hormonal changes, thinning of collagen, overactive facial muscles. The reversal of the aging process therefore requires more than one kind of treatment. The principle is revolutionary. By applying multiple different effective but gentle treatments to the skin, the Miracle Ten is able to reverse the multiple causes of skin aging and visibly role back the aging appearance of the skin; on average ten years in ten weeks.

Medically the results are achieved by increasing collagen production, promoting alterations in the skin's basal and keratin layers, augmentation of skin ground substance, diminishing melanocyte production and laser ablation of vessel irregularities. Practically, all this means is skin the way it used to look 10 years ago.

We achieve these results through a three step medical process.

Step One: The patient is given a home program of skin care products which are specially individualized by Dr Lista and his nursing staff to meet each individual patient's specific skin care needs. This program involves the use of several home products incorporating glycolics, fruit acids, or enymatic agents. Not everyone gets the same program. Each patient's needs are different and each receives an individualized program. Often prescription creams, such as Retin A or skin lightening agents, are added to the skin care program to further enhance the effects of the home program. The purpose of the home program is to encourage cell turnover and increase new collagen production. These techniques have been proven to produce thicker, smoother and clearer skin.

Step Two: The patient is treated with Botox if required. Botox is a commonly used minor injection which weakens overactive small muscles under the skin. In some people these small muscles thicken and become overactive. This results in constant creasing of the skin which leads to wrinkles. Botox relaxes these muscles, puts the skin at rest and leaves the skin looking smooth and rested. Thousands of patients have experienced Botox injections with excellent results. For patients reluctant to undergo Botox injections, there are new skin cremes which have been proven to weaken underlying muscles giving similar results. These cremes can give comparable results to Botox without the need to undergo an injection. These treatments are added to the Miracle 10 program, if required, to relax the muscles which are the cause of some of the wrinkles on the face.

Step Three: Weekly skin rejuvenation treatments. The patient in the Miracle Ten program comes to the clinic once a week for ten weeks for a series of skin treatments which are at the heart of the rejuvenation program. These weekly treatments alternate between skin micropeels one week and Instense Pulsed Light/Radio-Frequency/Diode-Laser treatments on the alternate weeks.
In one week the patient is treated with the Biomedic skin care micro-peel or the Actifirm enzymatic peel. Like a facial but more intensive, the Biomedic micro-peel is performed by a registered nurse who is a skin care specialist. Derma-planing of the skin removes the dead keratin layer and then fruit acids are applied to the skin in a carefully controlled fashion to stimulate new collagen production. The skin becomes softer, smoother, thicker and tighter. Other patients undergo the Actifirm enzymatic mask which thickens and tightens overly thin skin. The type of treatment on these weeks is carefully individualized to the specific needs of the patient. Not all patients receive the same treatment. Dr Lista and his staff customize the treatment to the individual requirements and skin type of the patient. These treatments are effective but gentle. There is no redness or down-time following these procedures. Some of the results are immediate giving the skin an immediately softer, smoother feel. The more significant results take longer as new skin collagen slowly begins to be laid down providing permanent, long lasting improvement in the quality of the skin.

On the alternate weeks the patient will undergo the revolutionary Intense Pulsed Light/Radio-Frequency/Diode Laser treatments. These treatments are at the heart of the Miracle Ten. On opposite weeks from the skin peels, patients will undergo the Sciton Elos skin rejuvenation treatment. This exclusive treatment program involves multiple modalities administered to the skin involving three modalities which are administered simultaneously by Dr Lista’s nursing staff using the patented Sciton technology. Intense Pulsed Light eliminates brown blotchy discolourations, red-marks, broken blood vessels and reduces pore size. Radio-Frequency (which is a technology similar to that used in Thermage) tightens loose saggy skin. Diode Laser improves fine wrinkles found on the skin. All of these modalities are administered to the skin at a single treatment visit. These treatments are gentle and by using a multi-pass technique, the effects are additive. The patient has smoother, tighter, clearer skin with fewer wrinkles after just 10 weeks.

Risks are rare but are important to understand. It is very rare to experience complications from this program. The vast majority of patients experience a problem-free improvement of their skin. One factor that significantly decreases the risk of complications is that each patient’s skin type is carefully evaluated and the treatment program is individually tailored to their specific requirements. There is nothing in medicine that is completely risk-free however and risks, while rare, may occur. Such risks include: lack of improvement, muscle weakness, skin irregularities, infection, allergic reaction, scarring, pigmentation changes. The overall risk of these complications is less than 1%.

It's simple. The Miracle Ten really works. The average person's skin will look ten years younger in ten weeks.

If you had to pick to have only one thing done or had to choose one way of taking care of your skin it should be The Miracle Ten.

These are unretouched before and after photographs showing the results with the Miracle 10 skin rejuvenation program. These patients are not wearing any makeup. Click on the  thumbnail photos to see an enlarged image. Notice an improvement in the lines around the eyes and mouth. Notice the improvement in colour, clarity and eveness of the skin. The skin looks clearer, plumper and younger.